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Luis Valadares Luis Valadares

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary Portuguese Sculptor
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Sculptor Luis Valadares Luis Valadares
Head in clay for a monument

About Luis Valadares

Luis Valadares, After a career in Multinational companies in Computers he Changed to his 1st love, Sculptures with such astonishing skill that he became known in the Artistic circles in Portugal and Elsewhere very quickly.
Sculptor Luis Valadares Luis Valadares
Original sculpture in clay for monument

Exhibition History of Luis Valadares


Lusitano in clay with help of expert

Biography / CV of Luis Valadares

From 1977 to 1989 he worked with various multinational companies in the computers business.
Due to the executive positions that he held in those companies, he traveled widely in both Europe and South and North America. His great interest in sculpture led him to visit many of the major museums. This, together with his inborn skill for modelling, influenced his decision to dedicate himself exclusively to his art, which he did in 1990

Right from the beginning he decided to model animal life for two fundamental reasons. The first being his love for animals and the country life he experienced whilst he was growing up in Borba, a small town in the Alentejo, a region of Portugal, where he started to shoot with his Father at the age of twelve.
The second reason was the two and a half years he spent in Mozambique doing his national service. The overwhelming “fauna” of Africa inspired him.
Later on he widened his work to include the human figure.

Up to 1994 he worked in ceramics, with polychromy, in the realistic style that he still uses. That same year he started to include the use of bronze which in 1997 he decided to use almost exclusively.

Between 1990 and 2001 he exhibited his work in various galleries in Portugal, Spain and Belgium. Due to the constant demand of his work he has not had the time nor the need to exhibit since then.
His work is part of some collections in Portugal and abroad (King of Spain, Prince Albert of Monaco, the White House, etc.

Applying patina

Awards and Prizes of Luis Valadares


Acquisitions / Collections of work by Luis Valadares

Exclusive sculptures created for various entities - the three major Television Channels, Nestlé, Fujitsu Siemens, SIVA (Audi Portugal), BES Group, etc…..

Since 1997 he has been invited to participate with his work in the auctions that take place in the Lisbon Zoo for fund raising purposes. This event brings together some of the most prominent figures from the Portuguese world of art.

For the Portuguese National Mint he has completed a collection of the official eight breeds of Portuguese dogs. These were made both in bronze and silver in a 1: 4 scale.

In France, his bronzes were sold exclusively through Holland and Holland – Paris, until July 2007, when H and H closed its operation there.

Since 2007 his sculpture of the Lusitano horse “Alter Real” breed is a prize awarded in the “Lisbon International Official Show Jumping”.

In 2009 he was invited by the “Portugal-Brazil Foundation” to create the exclusive sculpture for the four prizes yearly awarded by this institution.

In 2010 President Barak Obama received from the Portuguese President, as an official gift, a sculpture of a “Water Dog”, from the collection of the National Mint mentioned above.

Public Works of Luis Valadares



November, 2000

A monument to the “Portuguese Farmer” (consisting of two figures of 2.5meters in height).It stands in front of the town hall in Rio Maior.

March, 2002

A monument to Queen Teresa, Mother of the first Portuguese King, D. Afonso Henriques. This figure is 3 meters high. It also stands in front of the town hall of Ponte do Lima.

October, 2005

Co-author of a 4 m high Horse representing the Lusitano “Alter Real” breed, from the “Alter-do-Chão National Stud Farm”.

February, 2008

For the town of Cascais (a major touristic spot on the coast, near Lisbon), a monument to King Charles I. It will be placed at the bay, facing the sea. The figure will be 3 m high on a 1 m pedestal.

May, 2009

For the Lisbon Zoo entrance, a life size figure of its former Director sitting on a bench with a baby chimpanzee on his lap.


- A monument to the first Count of Galveias. He is a famous hero of the War of Restoration between Portugal and Spain in the Seventeenth Century. It will be 2,5 m high and will be placed in Borba, where he lived.

- For the “Lions Club” of Lisbon, a life size lion to be placed on a lawn in front of the Lisbon Airport main entrance.

Qualifications / Education of Luis Valadares

Unfinished course on Sociology

Teaching Experience


Influences / Inspiration of Luis Valadares

Rodin, Bugatti, Barye, Mêne,etc.

Price Range of Work

Luis Valadares's work has a price range from £567 to £6,667

He became widely known in Portugal for the small bronze sculptures he creates in between his work on monuments.
Although his main subjects are still Iberian and African game, he now also includes human figure

Mediums utilised

Luis Valadares's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Luis Valadares's work is found in the following categories on site:
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